Wellness Budget

Building a Business Wellness Budget

The good health and long-term success of your business, practice or spa depends on how well you plan for its future. This future begins with an in depth view of where your business is right now. A Business Wellness Budget is a valuable strategic tool, providing a detailed focus of your business finances including sales, profit margin, cash flow, debts, and expenses. This allows you to make informed decisions about daily operations, short-term needs and growth.

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The process of building this budget clarifies the growth and direction of your medical practice, spa or other wellness business. The process is as important as the budget itself.

Business Wellness Process


We discuss your business goals and review your financial information including Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, payroll, expense items, contracts, and promissory notes. From this information we build your Business Wellness Budget.


In a matter of days we place powerful information in your hands. We teach you how to use your Business Wellness Budget as a strategic tool, enabling you to make informed decisions about your sales, daily cash flow, operations, management, capital, and growth plans.


We work with you to utilize your Business Wellness Budget on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis, ensuring the strength and growth of your business.

Wellness Capital Budget Service

Our 6 Point Business Wellness Budget makes the connection that allows you to use your numbers to manage your business. Using your existing financial software program and data, we build a business budget for the upcoming 12 months.

Every week, this information is updated and sent to you. Every month we meet with you to discuss how you did and what changes are needed moving forward.

6 Point Business Wellness Budget is an easy-to-understand system that delivers your numbers to you every week, enabling you to make informed decisions so you can concentrate on your clients and manage profitability.