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Amazing Course Offering

Here is an amazing course well worth checking into conducted by my friend and colleague Lisa Starr

The renowned, Three-Day "Spa MBA"

The Spa Director's Management Intensive

Spring Session in Philadelphia PA


We're already two months into the New Year. What are you going to do differently in 2016?

  • Where are you going to find fresh and impactful new strategies for marketing your spa, attracting and retaining top talent, motivating your team and competing against discounts-gone-wild?
  • Are you getting answers from your year-end financial statements for 2016? We'll bring those reports to life and make them useful and actionable for your day to day management decisions. Stop guessing, and start acting on real information.
  • Is 2016 the year you advance your spa career and move up to a management or director role? The SDMI course is known and respected in the industry and we've trained many management employees for major hospitality brands.
  • Is 2016 the year you open a new spa, or buy an existing one? We'll help you understand the business model, the culture, and the real opportunities and challenges in a spa enterprise.

This is not "Spa Management 101." We go far beyond trade-show learning sessions and take a deeper dive into key management issues. If you're opening or expanding a spa, the money you spend on this course can save you tens of thousands of dollars in mistakes and missteps.

Don't wait. Early Bird pricing ends TOMORROW!

You'll save $200 by registering now. Multiple-registrant discounts are available so you can include a partner, manager or other key decision maker.

General Admission registration closes March 4th.

Late Bird Admission closes March 9th.

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