Company Overview

With over 30 years of financial and operational consulting experience in wellness, hospitality, natural foods, real estate and manufacturing, Wellness Capital Management provides comprehensive cash flow management and financial strategies to businesses in the wellness industry. Wellness Capital Management equips a business owner with the financial tools necessary to operate a successful business based on their passion to help people live a healthy lifestyle. Here's what we do...

Wellness Capital Management’s proprietary Business Wellness Budget & Bookkeeping system is the core of our service; it is a powerful strategic planning tool that enables business owners to make informed decisions about growth opportunities, real estate acquisitions, debt restructuring and other financial strategies. The Bookkeeping service is intuitive and consistent, and requires minimal time investment from a business owner. Input data by end-of-day and the accounting system is updated overnight.

Wellness Capital Management works with clients on profit improvement, business transition strategies, business planning and growth. We provide financial and business tools necessary to achieve the balance between providing exceptional client service while being true to the goal of business profitability. Health and wellness practitioners strive to keep people healthy. Wellness Capital Management strives to keep their business healthy through informed cash flow management and financial strategies.

Wellness Capital Management has longstanding relationships with regional and national lenders in banking, real estate, equipment leasing and the mortgage industry, enabling us to facilitate the sourcing and placement of capital.

With more than three decades of experience in commercial, business opportunity and residential real estate transactions, Wellness Capital Management provides a full spectrum of real estate services including: valuation of a business or practice, purchase and sale, merger and acquisition, leasing, negotiation and limited partnerships.

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