Executive Bios

Monte Zwang

Monte Zwang has been a business, operational and financial consultant for more than 25 years, teaching entrepreneurs and company leaders in real estate, food and beverage, resorts and hotels, and retail industries the strategies of cash flow management. He has significant experience working with proprietors of day spas, salons and medical practices. As a founding partner of the consulting firm Steele Development, Monte has sourced and placed tens of millions of dollars in financing for clients needing operating lines of credit, long term debt, business start-up capital and real estate acquisitions. Monte is driven to the wellness industry because of a personal passion for healthy lifestyle choices, and a professional passion to work with wellness entrepreneurs as they achieve their business goals by helping people live a healthy lifestyle. Monte is a graduate of the University of Denver and has been named a Five Star Best in Client Satisfaction Wealth Manager.

Mark Machlis

Mark Machlis has spent 30 years in the hospitality, real estate, natural foods and wellness industries. He is the creator of Meat of Wheat and Tofurkey brand meat alternatives, distributed and sold nationwide since the early 90's. He is a food development and financial consultant in the natural foods industry and works with international food manufacturers, developing and distributing vegetarian products to the United States. Mark founded and directed three vegetarian restaurants in Salt Lake City, Utah named Park Ivy Garden Café. Mark is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and is true to the vegetarian diet, alternative health practices and the integration of the spiritual dimension in everyday life, and business. Mark is a graduate of The Evergreen State College.

Kristina Wharton

Kristina Wharton has been with Wellness Capital Management since January 2016 and took over as Bookkeeping Operations Lead in December 2017. Her 19 years as a business accountant, began in high school, when she fell in love with the profession while doing the books for her mother’s typewriter repair service.Working in the industry since 2000 has given Kristina a wealth of knowledge on various POS systems and accounting programs. She has helped many small businesses move away from literal shoeboxes of receipts to a managed accounting program where they can see their profitability and understand their financials.Never one to shy from hard work, Kristina held two jobs while working towards her associate degree. After earning her AA, she obtained a Bachelor of Science in accounting from Central Washington University.Prior to joining Wellness Capital Management, Kristina worked an Assistant Controller for a multi-million-dollar company in Seattle where she also took on the HR role. This gave her a greater knowledge of payroll rules in multiple states. However, Kristina’s passion was always for smaller, privately-held businesses, and she decided to return to her favorite clientele. Kristina has been an asset to Wellness Capital Management and our many clients.As Wellness Capital Management is not a typical bookkeeping service, Kristina is not a typical bookkeeper. She analyzes the data and tailors reports to fit a company’s specific needs. This allows clients to clearly understand the financial data and use it to make important business decisions. Kristina manages and supervises both client accounts and our staff of phenomenal bookkeepers, ensuring accuracy and timeliness. Kristina is dedicated to her clients’ success and values building strong relationships with them. She knows the importance of trust in her business relationships and fosters confidence with her clients. She takes the time to learn the unique details that impact our clients’ daily business. Wellness Capital Management knows that trust is crucial to your operations, and we gain that trust through communication, honesty, and integrity. Working remotely, Kristina welcomes the challenge of creating personal and dependable relationships with clients via digital means. Her drive for these quality and trusted relationships makes her more accessible when clients have questions or need extra help. Kristina is a great communicator and her explanations of business financials break things down in a way that clients understand and appreciate. Kristina has had clients in the medical, health, wellness, beauty, spa, and fitness industries for almost 20 years. She brings with her vast knowledge of how these industries have changed over time and knows the importance of evolving and moving forward. With timely, accurate financials and budgets, she helps our clients see where they are today and plan where they need to be in order to gain success and profitability.

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Monte and Mark founded Wellness Capital Management to enable business owners to achieve the delicate balance between providing their clients exceptional customer service while being true to their goal of business profitability.

Wellness Capital Management principals Monte Zwang and Mark Machlis are passionate about helping people reach their full potential. Each is an entrepreneur with more than 25 years of business development, capital management and financial consulting expertise in the wellness, hospitality, natural foods and food services industries, as well as manufacturing and construction. 

Mark and Monte also hold real estate broker licenses and have significant experience in transaction and contract negotiations for commercial real estate sales, acquisitions and leases.